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The Da Vinci is a silent vaporizer built according to the highest standards. It is powered by a rechargeable internal battery that provides 30 minutes of use plus adjustable temperature control and a screen.

Color: Nero

Vaporizer DaVinci - Features

• Temperature control: easy to adjust temperature control via the LCD screen. Operates within the temperature 38°C - 221°C.
• Flexible pipe: the flexible mouthpiece (candle) is made of high thermal resistance food grade silicone.
• Ergonomic handle: Ergonomic design in high quality materials, which in addition to giving a comfortable grip, protect the device from any damage caused by strong impacts.
• Automatic shutdown in effect after 10 minutes: helps you keep the battery charge and prevent the device from overheating.
• Internal breakdown for herb storage: perfect if you want to vaporize while you're around.
• Oil Cartridges: perfect if you want to use essential oils or concentrated.

The packaging of the DaVinci vaporizer contains:
• Vaporizer DaVinci
• Battery charger (220v - EU socket)
• Illustrated user manual
• Cleaning tool
• Flexible bottle (candle)
• 2 Essential Oil Cartridges


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