TT100/TT125/TT150 vacuum cleaner with thermostat - Vents

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TT100 helical vacuum cleaner with FANCONTROLLER and 3 meter cable remote probe.


TT100 helicoidal aspirator with FANCONTROLLER and remote probe with 3 meters cable. This version of the TT has a temperature control unit inside. The system has two knobs; one to control the speed of rotation of the motor, the second controls the thermostat (between 20° and 30°C)

OPERATION: The temperature and minimum speed regulator is able to modulate the speed of air extraction according to the desired temperature in the environment. GSE keeps the room temperature constant by preventing it from dropping below the set value. If the temperature rises above the set value, it will increase the extraction speed to 100% power. It is easy to use: to program the temperature and the minimum desired speed of the extraction system, just use the two knobs. Enhanced flow rate from 0-185 mc/h. Made of self-extinguishing technopolymer. Suitable for suction in medium and large size growrooms

- Integrated fan controller

- PLUG&PLAY connection for a fast and safe wiring

- Supplied with brackets for positioning

- Balanced motor to minimize vibrations

- Adjustable speed with integrated electronic speed controller

- Thermal Protection

- Shockproof plastic shell

- Low noise 38 dbA at 3m


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