Ortoled 5k - Lamp 270W

Tax included

height = 7 cm

width = 42 cm

depth = 22 cm

watt = 180W

ORTOLED 5K is the new independent four-channel indoor lighting lamp. The combination of 2COB EPI® led 63Watt with high penetration and 40 3watt leds allows maximum light absorption by plants and incredible penetration even in areas shielded by branches and foliage. The Total Agro spectrum at 10 bands allows to calibrate the light of the lamp so that it meets the demand of the plants. The three light channels (VEGETATIVE, CRESCITA AND FIORITURA) can work separately, depending on the phase of the plant, or mixed, obtaining a TOTAL AGRO spectrum. The light power, as well as the coloring of the light can be handled only and exclusively with the K Control accessory ( sold separately).


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