Siero Intimo Stimolante - XES - Sir Canapa
  • Siero Intimo Stimolante - XES - Sir Canapa

Intimate serum Stimulating - XES

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XES serum completes the neurochemical functionality of cannabinoids and human endocannabinoid system (ECS) and is the first sexual well-being system to combine an ergonomic applicator and a cannabinoid-based formulation.

The ErosApplicator XES and the serum “sensual” follow the ethos of product design and the ethics of PRIME Hemp Science & Industry. A solid approach based on science, traceability, compliance and independent verification by third parties by accredited laboratories and auditors ensure the highest consumer safety standards, product quality and effectiveness.

Sensual serum, a proprietary formulation of cannabinoids and non-GMO botanical extracts, is independently tested for purity and toxicity and verified as free of pesticides, heavy metals, mold and other microbes.

XES sexual well-being products do not have artificial ingredients or synthetic lubricants:

• without parabens

• absence of silicon, propylene glycol

• without artificial, colouring,

• without artificial aromas

• without preservatives or emulsifiers

• Safe oral sex