Hands Free Smoker - Raw
  • Hands Free Smoker - Raw

Hands Free Smoker - Raw

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A product that only a genius could conceive. Once used, you will ask how you could do it without it. Clear your hands and do your chores without worrying about anything. Ideal for consoles and video games.

Now you can smoke hands free! Enjoy your favorite RYO while you play, type, look at the birds by doing a foot massage to your partner or preparing brownies!

This "free hands" is worn directly at the neck, as if it were a necklace, and giving the most comfortable shape according to the position you have to assume, you will be free to perform any task without worrying about anything. The ash falls directly on the ashtray below the joint. Tested during an 18-hour session by the Play Station.

Made with heat-resistant nylon. Easy to clean, durable, helpful and friendly gadget.


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