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Industrial cannabis plants have different needs during the growth and flowering phase, but there are hormones that are of vital importance throughout the cycle.


For a maximum and absolutely efficient supply of these essential elements to plants, Plagron has developed an organic product that can be administered through nebulization every week both indoor and outdoor. Life Race Plagron contains natural hormones for the growth and flowering phase and exerts a stimulating effect throughout the cycle. The use of Vita Race by Plagron causes the formation of a film on the leaves and protects the plant from drying.

Active substances contained in the product:
Amino acids, microelements, minerals, growth hormones and flowering.

Application to plants kept inside:
Dilute 5 ml in 1 liter of water. Spread the solution abundantly by spraying it on the leaves of the plant every week.

Application to plants kept outside:
1 ml per square meter. Do not apply the product when it rains, Phyt-Amin would be washed away from the leaves.


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