G-Shock 250W Agro - Cultilite

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G-SHOCK has been made with glass more often and have two welding points between each U. For growth and flowering

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"Cultilite" was born in England with the stated purpose of creating high quality CFL lamps that meet the needs of small and medium growers in every part of Europe.

To achieve this, the creators of Cultilite have established a network of collaborations with major U.S. research laboratories based in California, a state that is notoriously avant-garde in the development of "indoor growing" technologies.

During the design of the G-SHOCK line lamps, Cultilite researchers wondered what the most important features were that a CFL lamp dedicated to indoor horticulture should:

1 - reduced energy consumption with a high emission of lumens;

2 - bright color that stimulates photosynthesis as much as possible and that it is suitable for all phases of life of the plant, from germination to flowering;

3 - energy efficiency;

4 - increased impact and transport resistance.

Cultilite Eco-Power is part of the Energy Class A category: in fact they have been realized to transform almost all of the energy absorbed into light...for this reason they emit very little heat and can be used also in summer and in small environments.

Cultilite opted for the most effective color temperatures for indoor cultivation: 2100°K, 2700°K, 6400°K.

These colors include bright wave absorption peaks by plants, which use this energy for anabolic processes: formation of cell components, formation of new tissues and energy supply.

G-SHOCK has been made with glass more often and have two welding points between each U.

These innovations reduce the risk of transport damage or errors in manipulating lamps at installation time.

The Cultilite G-SHOCK are CE-branded and fully comply with the RoHS Directive.