G Pen Roam - Grenco Science - Sir Canapa (foto1)
  • G Pen Roam - Grenco Science - Sir Canapa (foto1)
  • G Pen Roam - Grenco Science - Sir Canapa (foto2)
  • G Pen Roam - Grenco Science - Sir Canapa (foto3)

G Pen Roam - Grenco Science

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The Roam is easy to use and clean. Vaporizing the concentrates will be an intuitive game and with its simplicity, Roam is a pleasure to use in company.

G Pen Roam - Features

Grenco Science presents a carefree way to vaporize thanks to this minimalist-looking device and remarkable performance.

Full temperature control. With complete temperature control between 315°C and 425 °C, Roam allows you to vaporize concentrates as quickly and effectively as possible.

Robust and durable construction. G Pen Roam has a solid and reassuring structure that uses durable aluminum. G Pen Roam consists of four components that can be easily dismantled.

Quartz atomizer. Quartz atomizer ensures uniform vaporization of the concentrated material. This essential component is protected by a silicone casing and can be replaced without any difficulty.

Water filtration system. The heated steam is cooled by the glass water filtration system. It can be easily dismantled to be clean.

What you find in the package

1 G Pen Roam Battery

1 G Pen Roam Quartz Tank

1 G Pen Roam water filtration system

1 G Pen Roam

1 Tool G Pen

1 Micro USB charging cable



Inhalation method: Direct inhalation

Adjustable temperature: Yes

Heating technology: Conduction

Laptop / Table: Portable

Automatic shutdown: Yes

Warranty: 2 years

Material vaporizable: Only concentrate

Use during charging: Yes

Replaceable battery: Yes

Brand: Grenco Science (G Pen)

Battery capacity: 1300 mAh

Temperature range: 315°C - 425 °C


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