Exodus Cheese E-Liquid - Harmony

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Expect spicy, terrose, sweet and spicy notes. Available in various CBD concentrations. It does not contain THC, nicotine or diacetyl.


Adored by the typical aroma of seasoned cheese, Exodus Cheese is one of the most popular cannabis varieties ever. Exodus Cheese CBD of Harmony infuses the iconic aroma in an e-liquid rich in real terpenes of cannabis.


10ml bottle;

CBD Mg as from product options

PG/VG: 80/20 for the best use of electronic cigarette,

Naturale aroma to the cheese taste;

Without nicotine, alcohol and animal extracts;

Made from years of experience in quality control

Aroma made by a team of experts;

USP/food grade ingredient;

For tampering, child-proof;

Without diacetyl, guaranteed quality


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