Day cream at CBD, FPS 15 - Cibdol

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Start your day with a radiant-looking skin, thanks to the protective virtues of Day Cream at CBD with 15 sun protection factor Cibdol. Sapiently formulated, this unique blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, calendula oil and karité butter nourishes the skin, while the sun protection factor 15 provides a defense against UV rays and pollution. Combined with the power of CBD, it allows you to start every day with a skin that reflects your well-being.

Day cream at CBD, FPS 15: For smooth and protected skin

As time passes, our skin suffers the harmful consequences of UV rays, pollution and other harmful factors. These elements make the skin feel tired and turned off, distorting its natural harmony. Now, thanks to the protective, soothing and nutritious effects of CBD Day Cream with FPS 15 Cibdol, you can bargain. Help your skin feel rejuvenated thanks to its specially selected ingredients and the power of CBD.

Our skin is a complex organ, which requires a delicate balance of ingredients to restore its natural brightness. Our formula exploits the antioxidant properties of vitamins C and E, healing power of calendula oil, the soothing character of karité butter and, of course, CBD performance. All together, these sophisticated ingredients work with your skin to protect and nourish it deep under its surface.

Used daily, CBD Day Cream with FPS 15 of Cibdol gives refreshment to the skin, protecting it from the challenges of everyday life. Use CBD power and carefully chosen ingredients to help your skin feel as beautiful as your inner well-being: radiant and full of life.

Instructions Use this CBD cream in the morning. After cleaning and toning the skin, apply on face, neck and upper chest. Avoid the eye contour.

Store: Fresh, dark and dry

Duration: 12 months since it is opened

Content: 50ml

CBD content: 100mg


Color: White

Shape Potato

Vegan Yes

Type of treatment Hydrating