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Cultivation: Greenhouse

Quantity: 1g; 2g; 5g; 10g; 20g; 50g; 100g;

CBD + CBDA:19%



Chocolope, genetics from glasshouse cultivation, grown with sunlight and maintenance lamps to ensure the complete irradiation requirements. Flowers of an unmistakable dark red color, persistent fragrance with tones of hazelnut, coffee and roasted chocolate. The geometry of the flower is completely rounded and large in size. The Chocolope overturns the concept of greenhouse cultivation associated with a lower quality compared to indoor, revered by lovers of burned flavors, it is associated with winter evenings by combining it to herbal tea or hot cuddled.

Product not destined to human consumption. Obtained from certified varieties allowed by law 242/2016 and in compliance with Thc limits. Do not ingest, do not inhale, keep out of the reach of children, forbidden to minors under 18 years, it is not a food or medicinal product. Do not open package. Possession, opening of the package or use other than as stated above may result in controls and investigations similar to those provided for by Law 309/90.


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