Cbd Tea - Dr.Greenlove
  • Cbd Tea - Dr.Greenlove

Cbd Tea - Dr.Greenlove

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CBD tea by Dr. Greenlove.

CBD tea by Dr. Greenlove

Tea time will become a special and really tasty moment.

20 tea bags rich in CBD and with an intense flavor of hemp.

CBD medical properties - Effects:

Antiemetic, Fights nausea and vomiting, Anticonvulsant, Fights convulsive activity, Antipsychotics, Fights psychotic disorders, Anti-inflammatory, Fights inflammatory disorders, Anti-oxidant, Fights neurodegenerative diseases, Anti-tumorale/Anti-cancer, Fights tumor cells, Ansiolitic / Anti-depressant, Fights disorders.

Hemp drinks are perfectly legal, despite their evocative origins. They represent a healthy and valid alternative for lovers of soft drinks and not. Produced by the flowers of the industrial hemp plant. These beverages began to be marketed in Europe only in recent years. A recurring concern in cannabis beverage consumers is that they may contain THC. It has a very high concentration in female flowers of the sativa hemp variety. The novelty is that today in Italy, unlike other countries, it is possible to cultivate hemp. Using the seeds recorded in the European Union that have a maximum THC content of 0.2%. The level of this euphoric chemical that could end up in drinks is ultimately negligible. Only on track level and therefore without any effect.


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