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Elixir CBD hygienic wipes with calming effect f are intended for full hygiene after the use of toilet paper and to supplement medical care.

Sanitary wipes with CBD can be a treatment and a quote at the same time, all with natural ingredients! Have you ever wondered why we use hygienic wet wipes for children, but not for ourselves?

Symptoms related to this sensitive area can be very worrying, but many people are reluctant to discuss it. Prurito (anal skin), painful defecation, stained underwear, blood stains and smell are added to embarrassment, anguish, social restrictions and anguish.

These anal discomfort issues are very common. However, symptoms may coexist with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , accidental loss (intestinal incontinence) or other functional intestinal disorders. For example, diarrhea and constipation can make them worse. Symptoms of anal discomfort are not part of these conditions since they can occur independently. They may be due or associated with many local diseases. Crohn's disease can attack the anus. Other diseases may also occur. If defecation is painful, there may be a small tear in the anal skin called anal spiderade. The surrounding skin is subject to many diseases and infections.

Cleaning is not the only reason why people should consider using alternatives to toilet paper. Aggressive cleaning can cause painful anal ragades that can take from eight to 12 weeks to heal and even hemorrhoids. Another risk of cleaning is the possibility of contracting urinary tract infection. If people clean from behind onwards are pulling bacteria from the anus to the front of the body. Therefore, using alternatives such as a bidet or a wet wipe, the bacteria are killed or rinse off, which prevents them from causing an infection.

The CBD hygienic wipes contain the following active ingredients and features:

cannabidiol with beneficial effect on red and irritated mucosa.

allantoin protects mucosa and helps skin renewal.

Chamomile extract has a calming effect.

chin with refreshing effect acts favorably on the irritated surface.

Dermatologically tested.