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Simple, comfortable and discreet, CBD capsules in soft jelly 4% with vitamin D3 exploit the power of golden CBD along with the solar supplement to vitamin D. Vitamin D can strengthen your well-being, supporting bone health and a robust immune system. Each box contains 60 capsules, each with 6.4mg CBD.

CBD Power Supported by Essential Vitamin D

The soft jelly CBD capsules contain golden quality CBD and olive oil for a direct approach to regular and efficient consumption. In addition, with the help of vitamin D our full spectrum formula focuses on the support of healthy bones and a balanced immune system.

Vitamin D-3 is an essential compound that the body produces in response to exposure to sunlight. Not only does it promote healthy bones and teeth, but it supports the brain, the immune system and the nervous system. Since it is not always possible to spend time outdoors doing the things you love, we wisely exploited the healing powers of vitamin, merging it with our influential CBD oil.

Produced according to the highest possible standards, Cibdol ensures that each capsule is safe, free of unwanted side effects and independently tested. Each capsule in soft jelly contains a predetermined dose of CBD (6.4mg) and vitamin D (25μg), for an insipious, odorless and incredibly affordable wellness experience.

How to use Capsules NaturCBD wings in Gelatina Morbida 4% with Vitamin D

Consume a CBD capsule in soft jelly with or after meals. Repeat until three times a day at appropriate intervals.

*Do not exceed the recommended dose. Supplements are not a substitute for healthy diet. Keep out of reach of children.