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These feminized cannabis seeds are a hybrid among a luxuriant variety of Sativa from the orange sprouts, native to California, and a cultivar of Afghan hashish. From the ancestors indicates, the seeds of California Indica Feminized inherited early and abundant flowering and hashish scent. From Californian parents, on the other hand, derive the delicious orange aroma and a fantastic intoxicating effect!

California Indica cannabis seeds developed by Sensi Seeds they were obtained from a huge mother plant native to California, very productive, with orange sprouts, with characteristics reminiscent of a sativa. We then crossed this Californian strain with prolonged flowering and open sprouts with our hybrid Northern Lights #1 x Hash Plant – the same intersection of entirely Afghan origin and high resin production already selected for the creation of our famous Hash Plant strain. Compared to the sativa mother plant, the daughters thus obtained showed flowering time, the density of the buds and resin content much better, while compared to the father a sweeter and fruity taste and a less heavy effect. The same parent and mother plants have now been used to develop Feminized California Indica cannabis.

Another advantage of the combination of two genotypes so different is the remarkable vigour of the hybrid of plants obtained from seed, vigour that is kept unchanged in the new feminized version. The cannabis seeds California Indica Feminized produce large and robust plants, with a good branching. This feminized cannabis strain also maintains all the extraordinary effect of the original hybrid – the experience of sativa sun saturation, made more stimulating and inebriating by the physical effect of afghan hash.

The cannabis seeds California Indica Feminized produce robust plants, dominance indicates, however with remarkable sativa characteristics. The genes indicate determine the bearing of the plants, which are heavy and bloom quickly. The bristles of the buds, with long and abundant pistils, have the tendency to grow along the main stem and the lateral branches, thus filling the space between the internodes of dense and resinous inflorescences.

For indoor cultivation, the size of plants in California Indica Feminized can be contained through controlled flowering, while in the mildest continental climates, outdoor cultivation allows to obtain plants of size equal to those of small trees! Thanks to the vigor of the hybrid, the weight of the most productive specimens increases slightly more during the flowering phase than the pure indica varieties. In indoor cultivation, the height of the aerial part of the plant usually increases by 100-150% during the 7-8 weeks of the flowering phase.

Seeds of this cannabis variety produce buds from real connoisseurs. Careful growers will be rewarded with great inflorescences, covered by a layer of resin now friable at the time of harvesting. Once dried, the Feminized Indica California sprouts look more orange than green, due to the huge amount of ripe pistils. The color of the thick hair on the glasses goes from red to an intense yellow, with some occasional pink pistil.

During the phases of growth and flowering, the perfume of this variety is quite delicate. But once dried and prepared for conservation, the buds develop a rich and delicious aroma, from the perfect balance between the hashish bitter and the citrus sweet of the sativa. The dominant fruity note is orange, although some specimens of California Indica Feminzzati have a citrus aroma that resembles more lemon or grapefruit. In the best specimens, the resinous taste of the mother hashish plant marries with the Californian citrus to give life to a result that is much more than the sum of the parts - a rich bouquet of bitter orange, persistent as a good liqueur or the excellent dark chocolate.

The rich aroma of California Indica Feminized is particularly suitable for vaporization, since this method allows to heat cannabis more gently. By doing so, a greater amount of the delicious terpenes of this variety is released, but they are fragile and sensitive to heat. Relied to the hands of an experienced cook, the distinctive aroma of this cultivar can also be used in the kitchen!

California Indica Femminizzati is also a very pleasant variety for recreational use, with an excellent mix of indica quality and sativa. The wide range of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, obtained through the intersection of parents belonging to two different genotypes, makes this variety an excellent choice for therapeutic use.

The most experienced consumers will be pleasantly surprised by the prolonged effect of California Indica Feminized, but even the least resistant can count on an experience that does not stun. The warm and relaxing effect of the Afghan Indica is counterbalanced by the cerebral effect of the sativa.

With California Indica Feminized, Sensi Seeds improves the hybrid citrus-hashish, its true battle horse. The new version retains all the taste, resin and power of the original, but with the advantages of feminized varieties, faster and easier to grow. This indica-sativa hybrid, unique on the market, guarantees fantastic results to experts and beginners, under cultivation conditions also very different. For heavy plants and fast flowering, with delicious resinous buds, buy seeds of California Indica Feminized!