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This hybrid species has a formidable origin. Its genetic heritage includes Wedding Cake, Black Domina and the renowned Durban. Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a deliciously decadent variety that comes from the United States with flavors similar to cakes and powerfully relaxing effects, which for us is a pleasure to offer. These effects come from its origins: Girl Scout Cookies universally known and an American cultivar with a sweet cherry flavor, Cherry Pie. These US genetic components show Blueberry Cake notes in a fresh, sweet and powerful feeling of Sensi Seeds.

Blackberry Cake Cultivation Feminized

Blackberry Cake is 70% indica and 30% sativa, and plants are compact, thick and full of large and sticky tops. The dominant indicates it is evident in the scent and in the terrous and bodily taste, not to mention the warm and relaxing high. Growers can generate abundant crops from this species, especially when plants are cultivated in a warm and sunny climate.

70% of indica is evident in the relaxing, comforting effect, but consumers will also feel relieved, thanks to the influence of the Durban sativa. Like other dominant species, plants are able to produce large crops without too much effort.

These plants will grow and flourish all as females, as the seeds are feminized. This is beneficial for experienced growers, because there is no need to identify and eliminate male plants during the cultivation phase.

The flowering period of this species is moderate and is between 55 and 70 days. This means that growers will not have to wait too long to get the crop. Although there is a sativa influence, the plants show a dominance indicates during their development, and remain quite compact, even when they reach full maturity. Growers looking for a species to be able to grow without being noticed will consider it an advantage.

The plants are robust, low and thick, with a thick central stem and many branches. In the flowering phase there are many tops, and these are usually large and heavy in appearance. If the plants are cultivated in the right conditions, growers can expect abundant crops, both inside and outside. The ideal climate for this species is the Mediterranean or any country that offers a long and warm summer, with a lot of sunlight.

Much of the cultivation techniques are good with this species, such as the SCROG (Screen of Green = literally Green Screen), SOG (Sea of Green = literally Green Sea) and super cropping.

Effect, flavor and smell of Blackberry Cake Feminized

The species is 70% indica and 30% sativa, and the influence of its plants of award-winning origin can be seen in aroma, taste and effect.

As many dominant species indicate, the effect is intensely relaxing, and offers the consumer a sense of warmth and fulfillment that is a classic feature of Wedding Cake. The sativa influence of Durban adds a note of euphoria and creativity.

The scent is pleasant and the plants produce an aroma that is rich, terrous and woody, with a note of citrus fruits. This citrus flavor is also present in the taste, along with a pinch of creaminess and spice, a very special combination that best enhances the genetic heritage of the United States and the Sensi Seeds.

In short

The species is compact, and as such, can be cultivated without being noticed, inside and outside.

It has formidable origins, including Wedding Cake, Durban and Black Domina.

All plants origin of the species have won awards.

Although plants have some resistance to parasites and mold, beginners must be careful when they grow them.