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Aczedol Cream: naturally powerful acne cure.

Aczedol Cream: naturally powerful acne cure.

Aczedol is formulated differently than other types of creams with CBD. The main ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which supports and protects irritated skin with a protective layer. Its properties are increased by cannabidiol extracted from cannabis plant Sativa.

This one-of-a-kind formula protects sensitive skin affected by acne and helps relieve the annoying symptoms of acne, such as itching or burning sensation.


Aczedol's liposomal formula allows active ingredients to penetrate easily through the multiple layers of the skin, for maximum care. Commonly used in prescription drugs, liposomes are vesicles that have proven extremely effective in nutraceutical supplements.

The low absorption rate of liposomes and their double encapsulating lipid layers allow direct absorption of the ingredients in the cells, instead of crossing the blood stream or digestive system first. In combination with liposomes, active ingredients are able to reach cells in a much more simplified way. Topical formulas that include liposomes are considered up to four times higher than ordinary creams in the delivery of active ingredients.

Safety and precautions

Those who are allergic to any ingredient in the product (see the ingredients section for detailed information), in particular to the graminacee (Poaceae), should avoid using Aczedol. People with gluten and/or soy intolerant should consult their professional physician before use. Oatmeal contains gluten and lecithin is made of soy.